MHA601: Principles Of Health Care Administration (NBA1638A)

Patient Safety Culture and Health Care Ethics

 Go to the Ashford University Library on the left menu panel of the online classroom. Search and select two scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles within the scope of patient safety culture and/or health care ethics.  After reading both articles and reviewing “Steps to Writing a Summary”, summarize each article in one to two pages. 

 Your paper must be two to four pages in length, with one to two pages for each article, excluding title page and reference pages.  Your paper must be formatted according to the guidelines as stated in the Ashford Writing Center.  Utilize two scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles that were published within the last five years.  Document all references in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center APA Checklist.


Academic Journal

(includes abstract) Walton, Merrilyn; Kerridge, Ian; Medical Education, Jan2014; 48(1): 17-27. 11p. (Journal Article – code of ethics, pictorial, review) ISSN: 0308-0110 PMID: 24330113, Database: CINAHL Complete Subjects: Ethics, Medical; Education, Medical; Professionalism; History of Medicine; Physician-Patient Relations; Patient Safety

Walton, M., & Kerridge, I. (2014). Do no harm: is it time to rethink the Hippocratic Oath?. Medical Education, 48(1), 17-27. doi:10.1111/medu.12275

Article two

Promoting patient safety: an ethical basis for policy deliberation. Academic Journal

Sharpe VA; Hastings Center Report, Sep/Oct2003; 33(5): S3-20. 1p. (Journal Article – pictorial) ISSN: 0093-0334 PMID: 14696279, Database: CINAHL with Full Text

Subjects: Ethics, Medical; Health Policy; Patient Safety; Treatment Errors Prevention and Control

Sharpe, V. (2003). Promoting patient safety: an ethical basis for policy deliberation. Hastings Center Report, 33(5), S3-20.

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