Making Hash table for music library in MSVC2017


(A musical playlist that is based around a series of well-known popular songs)

1: First we need to make a Music class with (You can add more/ remove any)

  • ID/URL
  • Music Title
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Band
  • Genre (Rock,Pop,Fusion etc.)
  • Description

1.We will have a list of music in a file (Minmum 25).

2.At the beginning have to read the file to makeMusic-obj for each entry in the file

3.After each Music object created, need to enter it to the Hash Table, Bst and stack using their address.

4.Hash-Table :

key : ID/URL

value : address of the Music-obj created

5. BST1 :

key : ID/URL

value : address of the Music-obj created.

5. BST2 :

key : Music Title

value : address of the Music-obj created.

We can add more BSTs with different keys if needed.


We can use our previous one.

7.For keeping track of our object number we can use an array count.


  1. Add new data : Get details from user. Add it in the Hash-Table and
  2. Delete Data : Delete from Hash-Table and BSTs. push() the entry in stack ( for undoing a delete )
  3. Find and display one data record using the primary key : (A) Find by ID/URL : Take input ID/URL from user and find out from Hash-Table. (B) Find by Title : Take input Title from user and find out from Hash-Table
  4. List data in hash table sequence : Print all data from Hash-Table in sequence.
  5. List data in key sequence (sorted) : (A) sort by ID/URL : inorder traversal of the BST1. (B) sort by Title : inorder traversal of BST2.
  6. Print indented tree : Indented printing of the tree.
  7. Write back to file : Write back all data in hash-tabel sequence to file.
  8. Undo delete : Pop() one element from the stack and insert it back to Hash-Table and BSTs.
  9. Efficiency :

a. Load Factor

b. Number of Collisions

c. Longest Collision Path

  1. Recommending the user a few songs based on the genre of songs (may be) : TODO
  2. Quit : Write back all data in hash-tabel sequence to file.

If we want to read realtime URL then we need to implement some Netwark programming. I don’t have any Idea about that domain.

BST is on the

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