LPG external website

Synopsis: A physicians’ group has decided to update their customer-facing website with a more modern, responsive design.

Description:A local physicians’ group, called LPG, is restructuring its external website. LPG consists of approximately 25 physicians, lab and x-ray technicians, nurses and assistants, as well as front office staff. In the community in which LPG operates, they serve approximately 3,000 patients, delivering services such as emergency medical treatment, wellness checkups, disease management, as well as many other medical offerings.

The company has chosen to create a new website to explain its services and staff to potential new customers.

You work as a web developer for an international corporation that has received the contract to create the website, IBN. You are the primary developer and business interface between IBN and LPG.

As the web developer, this initial stage should provide a clean, responsive, modern design. There is no requirement for a database to operate the site for this submission. The website should consist of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, folders and images. The content of each page must be your own. You are encouraged, however, to research other sites for ideas about what types of content to include each page.

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