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The research paper is a major component of the English 1302, Composition II. In this course, instructors are required to teach students the research process. Some aspects of this process may be subject to individual instructors’ requirements. However, to ensure that all English 1302 courses contain common core elements, the members of the Communications Department identify that core as follows:

● MLA is the required documentation style and should be taught in detail to the students.

● 10-15% of class time should be devoted to teaching the research process.

● Topics should be literary and may be selected by the instructor or selected by the students with the help of the instructor.

● A substantial amount of time must be devoted to the discussion of plagiarism in research. Instructors should be prepared to devote more than one lecture to this item.

● The completed essay (final draft) will contain seven to ten (8-10) pages (excluding any title page, outline with thesis statement, and works cited pages as required by the instructor).

● The paper will contain a minimum of 7 sources, including a variety of sources and limiting Internet sources to two with the exception of databases.

● Cited material (direct quotes, paraphrases and summaries) will comprise no more than 30% of the paper at the discretion of the instructor following accepted guidelines of scholarship.

● An early draft of the research paper must be submitted before the final draft for either instructor and/or peer review

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