Literature Review

Question Description

The paper should be a minimum of 6 pages and should use a minimum of 5 peer reviewed journal articles. In Week 1 you have been provided with pointers to guide you in developing the final paper. You must have followed them and developed your paper by this time.

An error-free document helps to convey your thoughts and intent more completely.

Use the following pointers to guide you in developing your paper:

  • Provide a clear, specific, definition of your topic. For example, your topic can be on CHD, obesity, or smoking.
  • How does this topic or health behavior relate to the leading health indicators/focus areas/goals of Healthy People 2020 document? This document can be found at Healthy People 2020
  • How is this topic or behavior relevant to community health? How is this topic relevant to other national health campaigns or national health initiatives?
  • If you are writing about a health behavior, what is the prevalence of this behavior in the United States and your state? Does prevalence differ by gender, race, age, socioeconomic status? Provide some statistics here.
  • Describe the significance of this topic/health behavior in America today. Discuss any diseases and/or societal problems caused by this behavior. Are there any financial costs or costs to society associated with this topic/behavior?
  • Describe the risk factors associated with this topic/behavior. What factors lead to this health behavior or disease?
  • How can the risk factors be controlled or prevented? How can the negative outcomes be prevented? What are the current recommendations for preventing premature morbidity/mortality in this area? Are there any programs that have shown to be effective in the literature?

Please identify a minimum of three organizations or healthcare agencies either nationally or locally that provide programs, funding, or resources to address this issue

Before submitting your paper, do the following:

  • Check your document carefully with an eye for detail.
  • Proofread your document carefully, making sure that there are no errors pertaining to: noun-verb agreement, pronouns, quotation marks, voice (active versus passive), sentence structure, and commas.
  • Check the format, text, headings, running heads, citations, and endnotes for completeness and inclusion.
  • Revise and rewrite your document before handing in your final draft. Include a brief one-page summary and reference list.
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