Literary Analysis of The old man and the sea

only required at least 1000 words, MLA format, not advanced essay, use easy English is fine.

Thesis statement is about “every adventure is “Hemingway uses the old man’s experience to show that every adventure is unique, and the less expectation you have, the more satisfaction you will get.”


This is an example quoting from another book about this thesis

“As Paulsen states “The adventure really begins in differences—the great differences between people and animals, between the way we live now and the way we once lived, between the Mall and the Woods.”, it describes that every adventure is unique in different ways to different people. Since that adventure begins from something that someone haven’t experienced, that makes everyone has their own realization from the adventure.”

Above is from another book so it does not meet with this assignment.

If this thesis is not suit you, use another one. but it needs to be something deeper meaning about the book.

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