Journal 3

please avoid plagiarism

Please use simple words

Please follow the instructions below

Begin by clearly identifying the subject of the scientific study you chose. You will also identify the problem or observation that spurred the research. While reading your article, it may be helpful to ask yourself why the scientists did the study. Do additional research, if necessary, to fully provide your audience with background to justify this experiment.

Then identify the hypothesis the scientists were testing. Remember that a hypothesis is a testable educated guess. Thus, it is not appropriate to pose a question here. However, while reading your article, it can be helpful to ask yourself what explanation the scientists tried to use to explain their initial observation. Include any reasoning for how the scientists came to their hypothesis.

Next you will identify the experiment that was performed to address the hypothesis. You may be detailed in this section. Also, pull from other sources if you do not fully understand how the experiment was conducted. For example, if a piece of equipment was used, you may want to do a little background research to understand why it was used and what type of data it can generate.

Then identify the experimental results that the scientists obtained. What did the scientists find after doing their experiment? Again, you may be detailed here. It may be helpful find the original research study and examine tables and/or graphs from it to aid in your discussion.

Here, you will identify the conclusion of the study (hint: I’m referring to the conclusion of the study, you’re not done with your journal yet!). In this part, discuss how did the scientists interpret their results. Note that this section is different than the results section. Above, you discussed what they found in their experiment, here, you will discuss what the results mean. Try considering how the researchers explained their findings.

Finally, you will pose further research questions that arose from this study. After doing this study, what is the logical next step? What research could be done next? Did this research neglect an important question? As such, propose a further experiment that could be performed to follow up on the questions that arose.


Be sure to reference all sources of information using APA style ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) both in-textwith parenthetical citations and with a reference page. While there is no required length for your journal, I expect them to be about one page long. Please double-space, use one-inch margins, standard professional font type, and standard professional font size. Please include your name and include a title to your journal. It should also be written with stylistically correct grammar and punctuation. Submit your journal as a word document, and title it as per the following example: journal 1_Law.docx.


Please consult the grading rubric (posted in the Annoucements sections) while completing this assignment.

Submit your final journal via Canvas by the deadline listed in your syllabus. Your journals will automatically be run through Turnitin before grading. Do not plagiarize. Remember, this assignment is worth 3% of your final grade in this course.

Your three reading choices this week are:

A mighty Claw: pinching force of the coconut Crab

Hygiene and Allergies

Oyster reproduction and plastics

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