job description

For this individual assignment, find a job description for your ideal job. Write a summary discussing: 1) the job details- title, description, company, work hours, pay, etc, 2) quick background on the company (research it!), 3) how long you feel you would be happy working in this job, and 4) what you would like to see changed about the job and when. For example, I could see myself at NewYork Life for 8-10 years, and after 2 years I would hope to have X change (e.g. more pay, greater responsibility, better company cafeteria, a chance to fire my co-workers, promotion, two of these, etc; this depends on the type of job you want.) Be creative! Once you have completed your summary (approximately 2 pages in length), please attach the document to the assignment. PDF documents are preferred. Instructions on how to submit an assignment in Canvas are listed under the link below.

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