java programming ii week 3

Expand your application to include an EVALUATE button. Each time the EVALUATE button is selected, the sales representative data will be read and the amounts sold in SUPPLIES, BOOKS, and PAPER will be totaled. If the amount sold on all three categories is greater than or equal to (>=) $8,000, write the sales representative data to a new file, stars.txt. These sales representatives will receive a bonus to demonstrate appreciation for a job well done. Your stars.txt file should not be opened for appending each time the application is run. Independent line separators should be used in the output file. The code should be well commented.

An example of the format of your stars.txt file:

salesrepID firstName lastName SUPPLIES totalAmountSuppliesSold BOOKS totalAmountBooksSold PAPER totalAmountPaperSold district contactMeans

This functionality is in addition to functionality coded for the previous assignments. The application is enhanced with additional functionality during each iteration phase.

Be sure you use the debugger if at first you do not observe the results expected.

Intermediate-level Java programming should be demonstrated:

  • Program flow should be logical.
  • Projects should be developed in NetBeans and zipped prior to submission.
  • Your application should execute by running the main project.
  • Do not submit any code within your project that is not related to this assignment.
  • Applications that do not compile will receive feedback but not a passing grade.

Please submit your zipped NetBeans project.

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