Is health a human right?

Question Description

The paper should focus on your understanding of health as a human right. Is health a human right, in your opinion? In the United States? In other parts of the world? How do you know? Provide evidence, reasoning, and examples that draw you to your conclusion (e.g., assumptions, theories, lived experiences, research). Once you have determined whether or not it is a human right and demonstrated what leads you to this conclusion, then answer the question, should health be considered a human right? If so, why? If not, why not? What theories and data do you draw on to answer this question? How should your theory play out in terms of political and social policy in the United States? What changes would need to be made to align with your view? How about American social work practice?

Questions to consider:

  • How has your thinking on this issue evolved – how have you developed your basic assumptions?
  • How do you think human rights and health should be defined by social work?
  • How does the concept of human rights apply to your evolving sense of social work practice?
  • What is your assessment of the IFSW Health Policy and WHO’s Factsheet on human rights and health?
  • How does health as a human right relate or apply to mental illness, addiction, disability and how might this be a public health policy issue?

Please approach this paper as a critical reflection on your evolving understanding, rather than a research paper that relies solely upon other scholars’ ideas at the expense of allowing your voice to be heard. Given this paper is a reflection on your ideas regarding health as a human right, you may use first person statements substantiated by your life experiences as well as course and other materials (5 references at a minimum, no less or more than four pages, double-spaced maximum). Use headings within your paper to help organize your thoughts.

Your paper should be in APA format.

Your paper will be evaluated using the HHR Paper Grading Rubric.

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