Internet Recruiting discussion

1200 words total for number 1-4………APA CITED and referenced…….3 scholarly sources…….FOR #5 250 words and 2 scholarly sources…….

1. Why has internet recruiting become so important?

2. What are the sources and methods of recruitment that might be used for the following positions:

a. College professor who just received their PHD
b. Entry level machine operator
c. Apartment property manager
d. HR professional with a Masters degree

3. Describe an applicant tracking system (ATS) and how it is used?

4. What is a behavioral interview? What type of questions would make up a behavioral interview and describe what information you might be looking for in the answer?

5. During troubled economic times (e.g., financial crisis), what advice would you give to today’s workers so that they could continue to thrive in their careers?

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