Intellectual Property Rights Philosophy Persuasive Essay Help

persuasive essay

I am attaching the powerpoint of the course material. This paper is about Intellectual property like copyright, Patents, and Trademark. The powerpoint has so many resources to read and refer to. The paper is an 800 – 2000 persuasive essay about having a claim and defend it. The structure of the essay is in the powerpoint, and it should have a counter argument with evidence and you should attack it to prove your opinion. The opinion is up to what you feel more comfortable with as long as it is logical and within the scope of the course material. The two sides should be are you with or against Intellectual property. you can go in depth. Make sure that you don’t fall in the rhetorical fallacies and make sure you follow the rubric. the attached powerpoint has so may information and if you have a further question ask me.

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