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POST 1: A manager and a leader, they both have different responsibilities, even though it sound almost same. However in any kind of job, a manager and a leader both are important part. In nursing a leader and a manager, both are very important in order to provide best care to the patients.

Manager: “A manager is someone who manages and is responsible for the important aspects of a job, project, or team. A leader is someone who is influential, takes charge, and is an example for others” (“Difference Between Manager and Leader | Difference Between,” 2018). Managers are responsible to delegate and implement plans for the business or team. Managers think beyond the people’s emotions while making many kind of decisions. Managers make rules to get best results (“Difference Between Manager and Leader | Difference Between,” 2018).

Leader: “A leader chooses to achieve goals through passion, heart, and charisma. The leader is said to have better people skills than a manager, so they tend to focus on human emotion and desires” (“Difference Between Manager and Leader | Difference Between,” 2018). Leaders have better skills since they have hands on experiences.

Classic leadership style: one of the classic leadership style is democratic leadership style. In democratic leadership style, everyone participates equally. Democratic leader in nursing, updates the staff with current policies and procedures and makes sures he/she follows him/herselt too. “This is one of the best for clinical settings as skills and abilities of all the professionals contribute equally to the success of the organization” (“10 Best Leadership Styles in Nursing for Improved Quality of Care,” 2017).

POST 2: Hello all,

In any just about any occupation, management and leadership are both important. Though an managing and leading are different qualities they do not have to be mutually exclusive. An individual can possess proficiency in both. 

Management is the act of overseeing and intervening to help with productivity. A manager’s job is to delegate tasks, and create goals for others to help with the overall goal of the company. They are like the conductor of a train. They guide the vessel to the destination, and everyone along it works together under his order of how fast the train should go, or when to stop. 

A leader on the other hand is more of someone that is often a role model or teacher. They often can excel at their jobs or possess qualities that others may want to possess. For example, a great leader in nursing could be someone that has great communication skills, and often makes patients feel more at ease. They may receive praise, and other nurses may look to this person as a role model or even ask this person for guidance.

Democratic leadership is a form of leadership that can be applied to nursing and most jobs. It is an interesting leadership style due to the fact it incorporates the team in the decision as well. This means even though the leader is technically leading, he takes into consideration the concerns and ideas of the team members as well. This can often lead to a more satisfied workforce. However, if the voices start to feel unheard this can also cause the morale of the team to drop. In which case, this could backfire on productivity as well (Gill 2016).

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