Improvement in Global Health

The goal of this assignment is to get your thinking about all the concepts and issues we have discussed in this course.

This week is about thought – about figuring out what you think the biggest problems/issues are in global health, and being able to articulate that. Pretend that you are a multi-billionaire (like Bill and Melinda Gates) and you have a change to change the world. Bill and Melinda Gates have given this a lot of thought, as people in a position to make a difference, and they have had to come up with some conclusions about what their priorities will be. We are asking you to go through the same decision-making process. Each year, they put out an annual letter that reports on their progress but they also highlight what their priorities are. They use research and data to justify their use of funds. You can read through some of their letters here by clicking on this link: We are not asking that you copy exactly what they have done, rather that you use their letters as a way to decide where to start with your own essay and statement.

If you had the resources, how would you decide where to start in improving global health? What principles would you apply? What data do you need to justify the use of your multi-billion dollar funds? For this assignment, you need to come up with a 5-paragraph essay that lays out, with thoughtful justification, what your top 3 global health priorities would be. Use the readings in class, but also use the library and web research to help you justify your position. You will be graded not on a right answer so much as a thoughtful and well presented one.

To download the grading sheet that will be used for this assignment, click on the attachment link: Grading Rubric.docx

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