Impact of Materialism in the US Economy

Literature Review Rubric: Inquiry

Learning Objectives:

  1. locate and evaluate sources, through library research, and integrate research through appropriate citation and quotation;
  2. present effective arguments that use a full range of legitimate rhetorical and logical strategies to articulate and explain their positions on complex issues in dialogue with other points of view;
  3. locate, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize evidence in a comprehensive way in support of your ideas;
  4. identify and critically evaluate the assumptions in and the context of an argument;
  5. distinguish and convey inductive and deductive patterns as appropriate, sequencing arguments and evidence logically to draw valid conclusions and articulate related outcomes (implications and consequences).


Points Possible

Points Earned

Introduction: clearly presents an aspect of materialism you will explore and why? (what do you hope to discover? Present research question)


3-5 body sections that use information from several sources (synthesis). Does a thorough investigation of the research that already exists.


Conclusion: Summarizes your findings and gives suggestions for further research. (where will you go with this next?)


MLA format bibliography at the end (alphabetical order,single spaced, space between each)

  • 5 Credible sources minimum



  • Paper is organized into paragraphs
  • MLA citations
  • No long quotes


Grammar and Punctuation:

  • Spell Check!
  • Proofread
  • Appropriate sentence length – a variety of lengths used.
  • Academic Language
  • Double Spaced
  • 2500 Word MAX (at least 1000 word)




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