Human Resources: Organization Attractiveness: 4-6 Paragraphs

Discussion: Organization Attractiveness

Before any potential employees consider applying for a position in an organization, there are attributes that make them interested in the organization in the first place. Whether potential employees find out about these attributes through a job posting or word of mouth, organizations are ultimately responsible for making themselves attractive to potential employees. These attributes may include but are not limited to pay, rapport with coworkers, benefits, job growth, and enjoyment of job responsibilities.

For this Discussion, you will post a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

  • What attributes make an organization attractive to you?
  • Do you think the attributes you identified are applicable to recruiting talent within the general workforce?
  • In addition, what are the main attributes that contribute to talented people choosing one organization over another?

Justify your answers with references to the literature this week and any outside resources you find. APA Format.

By Day 3

Post a response that answers the above questions.


Felps, W., Mitchell, T. R., Hekman, D. R., Lee, T. W., Holtom, B. C., & Harman, W. S. (2009). Turnover contagion: How coworkers’ job embeddedness and job search behaviors influence quitting.
Academy of Management Journal, 52(3), 545-561. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

Research has shown that organizations with lower turnover tend to outperform their competitors. The authors in this article look at the social dimension of turnover and how coworkers influence other employees to leave an organization. When this information is available to organizations, it can aid them in better retaining employees.

Greenberg, H., & Sweeney, P. (2010). Invest in your best.
T+D, 64(7), 56-59. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

This article discusses the need to ensure that top talent is valued in the organization. The authors discuss that this will help retain top talent, so they can be part of the organization’s vision and future.

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