How Sports Has Changed Over the Years Mainly in the NBA, and NFL

Assignment Directions

Please submit a rough draft of your final paper that includes an introduction, the “problem in your field” section (1st rough draft), the “solutions/best practices” section (2nd rough draft), and a “future of your field” section that explores how your field might change 10 years from now. This final section should speculate on how the problem will evolve over that time, and what new solutions will be required to address these new problems. Please include an updated works cited page.

Needed information for this paper

Mainly trying to focus on the NBA but examples from the NFL can be used for comparison and justification.

There are two drafts (I have attached) that should be used to create this paper.

How does the future looks for the NBA ? Examples for the NFL can be used as well

How do you think if will have changed in 10 years?

Are there any solutions that might work by that time?

How do you think the problem will evolve in that span of time?

Please include an updated works cited page it can include the previous works cited as well

MLA format

3-4 pages Double spaced

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