holistic health

Question Description


(use a scholarly resource and cite it).Answer one of these questions

•Who were the healers and who were the patients? (Race, class, gender identities?) How were healers trained? and, Have the procedures changed? ( )

• How did practitioners use the CAM, and what therapies did they offer? How did the explanations and therapies change over time? ( )

• Did/ or Why did the regular medical profession oppose this system of practice when it first appeared in the United States? ( )

(Part Two critical critique any of these websites)


Critically analysing a website for your assignment tasks Critically analysing a website might involve any of the following questions:

· What type of website is this (e.g., government, organisational, etc.)? Might this impact the ideas which are included? How?

· Who contributed to its content? Is this clearly visible?

· Who is likely to view this website (i.e. who is the intended audience)?

· Is the website navigation user-friendly? Why or why not?

· Does this website present its ideas/arguments effectively for the intended audience? Is it convincing? If yes, how? If not, why not?

· How is the information presented on the website (layout and design)? Is this effective? Why?

· Is there any evidence used to support the ideas presented on the website/webpage? What is it?

· Is this website funded or sponsored by an external party? – How might such funding or sponsorship impact the use and presentation of evidence? – Does this create any bias?

NOTE: A website is often less text heavy than other types of sources such as academic journal articles or news articles. Therefore, your critical analysis might focus not just on language, but also on design, layout, and visuals.

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