here is the information, and also i will send you my professor comments for this work

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IT IS anatomy class and i need just pp, so i can sen to my profosser, make it sample DEAR STUDETNS :There are two remaining lab report assignments for the course, both of which involve the reproductive systems and are listed in your lab manual on pages 81 and 82. These are both assignments that can be completed outside of class time. The STD poster assignment is a report on a sexually transmitted disease and is described on page 81 of your lab manual. During summer classes I allow students to make a digital poster and upload it to shared files. You can do the assignment individually or with a classmate. The other assignment is the contraceptive report on page 82. There will be time to complete the report during the last lab on Monday but you may find it helpful to begin the report before lab. The format is powerpoint but you will upload the report instead of presenting it during class. In lab Monday we will combine labs 11 and 12 and there will be some time to work on either report. You will also be observing models, viewing slides and working with the cat a final time so there is a lot to complete.The content of each assignment is listed in the lab manual. Please email me if you have any questions.

and pic 3333 is an example for last year studetns

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