HCS 83 Week 2 vendor in the healthcare industry discussion questions

HCS 483 Week 2

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Read Ch. 3 of Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective & Answer question 1 & 2 between 90-100 words

1.)What factors should be considered when selecting a vendor, and how should each be valued?

2.)Why has IT been so slow to develop in hospitals and clinics?

Read Ch. 3 of Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology. & Answer question 3 & 4 between 90-100 words

3.)Why is it important to HIS and technology planning for a healthcare organization to have developed its strategic business plan? If the organization or business does not have a strategic business plan, what should HIS planners do?

4.)In which ways do the basic principles of architecture, such as those applied when building a house, apply to HIS architectures and planning?

Read Ch. 4 of Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology Answer question 5 between 90-100 words

5. How can ID badge and virtual desktop infrastructure technology improve the delivery of care?

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