Geography Realms, Regions And Concepts Brexit Discussion

The United Kingdom electorate narrowly voted to leave the membership of the European Union in June 2016. The author addresses the topic of “Should the Eurozone Be Maintained At All Costs?, p. 64. This highly significant and unprecedented issue continues to unfold with the terms of the exit currently under negotiation. Deep divisions remain within the United Kingdom regarding this action. What are the future implications of Brexit? What is the difference between a hard versus soft Brexit? Why is the geographic boundary between North Ireland and the Republic of Ireland of special interest? This is a highly complex issue that involves governance, political relations, commerce, economic alliances, migration, nation states, boundaries and the environment. Several different realms will be impacted by this move. Pick one aspect of Brexit to briefly make your classmates aware of, utilizing a map and or image to illustrate your writing.

text book if you need it is DeBlij, H. J., Muller, P. and Nijman, J.; Geography Realms, Regions and Concepts (16th Edition, John Wiley & Sons), 2014; ISBN-13: 978-1118673959.

This is due on February 24 at 12:00 pm.

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