Gender Identity: The Philosophy of Love and Sex discussion

I need my paper revised, the abstract needs a complete re-do, and the thesis and argument needs to be clear.

Please revise my paper for me!!! these articles must be used and two need to be properly used in the body of the paper, a good summary of articles if done well, the literature reviews can be used In the body of the final paper!!

  • Wilkerson “What Is ‘Sexual Orientation’?” (195)
  • Bettcher “Trans Women and the Meaning of ‘Woman'” (233)
  • Overall “Trans Persons, Cisgendered Persons, and Gender Identities” (251)

write an argumentative essay on a contemporary ethical dilemma involving sex or love (e.g. Gender Identity). A brief summary of two opposing articles from the text should be used to frame the philosophical debate you are addressing. Secondary sources should be used to either analyze the selected articles or to construct your own position. Most importantly, the final paper should contain a clear thesis that states the position you are defending.

My stance on Gender Identity is that people who identify as trans or “other” should not be marginalized in our society. I need this paper to relate to the philosophy of sex and love as this is for a philosophy class.

READ this to help write the paper!!!–identity has always been a central concern and goal of philosophy. For example, Plato’s Symposium is an attempt by Socrates and his interlocutors to identify and define love. A subsequent philosophical question emerges: do beings have clear fixed identities or are their identities more ambiguous and subject to change? Historically, most Western Philosophers have been essentialists who argue that each being must have a distinct identity and the purpose of philosophy is to discover these identities. However, after Darwin both scientists and philosophers have become suspicious of essentialism and prefer non-essentialist forms of classification.

With regards to the philosophy of sex and love, definitions of human sexual identity have largely embraced non-essentialism, but disagree on how best to classify sexual identities, their fluidity, and the degree to which either nature, nurture, or influence an individuals sexual identity. Contemporary theorists view human sexual identity as an intersection of three related but separate traits: sex, gender, and sexual orientation. The articles this week veer towards social constructivism and are influenced by feminist perspectives on sex & gender, specifically the work of Simone de Beauvoir (France, 20th Century) and Judith Butler (US, 21st Century).

Your paper should be 1 ½ spaced in 12 point font, between 1750-2250 words, and the final word count of the text must be included at the end of the document.

My paper attached has been revised once by another tutor and is still all over the place, I do not the like the titles for each section and the article summaries are only meant to be used in the body of the paper not flat out summarized! this paper sucks and needs a revamp! please fix to sound like an interllegent philosophy paper!

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