final exam

INSTRUCTIONS: The exam requires you to write paragraphs that addresses eight directives (below). Each directive requires you to demonstrate that you have met one of the course objectives. Each directive should be addressed in a separate paragraph that is not more than one half page, single-spaced. You many consult the text or other source to write these paragraphs. Note that the assignment for the first unit of the course on Research Methods will be especially important in writing these paragraphs, but other assignments should also be reviewed as preparation for the exam. Material copied or quoted from any source will not receive credit. Students may use their own material posted in discussions, but may not use material posted by other students. Exams or sections of exams that are too similar to the model exam will not be accepted.


1. Describe a social psychological term, process, or concept in the text that you find especially interesting, and give an example of it. [10 points]

2. Explain how the social process you described above is important to the psychological functioning of individuals and society. Also indicate any social problems that this process helps to explain or solve [10 points]

3. State a hypothesis relevant to the process described above, and describe an experiment, survey, or observation that would test this hypothesis. [20 points]

4. Describe a social psychological theory that supports your hypothesis, and explain how it supports this hypothesis. [10 points]

5. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the theory you used to support your hypothesis based on the scientific evidence reported in the text or other source that does and does not support it. [10 points]

6. Describe the possible results of the experiment, survey or observation which you described above that would support the theory and hypothesis tested, as well as the possible results that would refute or fail to support the theory and hypothesis. [10 points]

7. Describe the most important strengths and weaknesses of the experiment, survey, or observation you described above. Indicate what you can and cannot say with certainty about the truth of your hypothesis based on the results of your proposed experiment, survey, or observation. [20 points]

8. Describe some of the possible ethical issues raised by the experiment, survey or observation which you described above, how these ethical problems might be reduced, and why these ethical risks are justified [10 points]

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