example of what a synthesis table should look like

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I have attached my three articles chosen and an example of what a synthesis table should look like. My topic is on the utilization of simulation in nursing education. I have already completed evaluation tables on the articles as well, which I will attach with the references completed in APA format as well. The rubric is below as to what else I need. Thank you in advance!

For this week’s Dropbox assignment, you will complete Part 2 of your project proposal, the evidence review and synthesis section. This section consists of narrative descriptions of each study that forms the body of evidence. The length of this section will vary based on the number of studies that you include. The paper should be written in a scholarly fashion using APA format.

For each article include in the narrative (I have 3):

  • Authors’ names, date of publication (included in the citation).
  • Quality and level of evidence
  • How significant (or not) the evidence is and why you think so. How are these articles relevant to change practice or policy for your specific practice site and population? If a study is not significant and you have included it, mention how your clinical expertise was involved in this decision.
  • Your summary the synthesis section should clearly indicate the intervention you plan to use in your project proposal. You will discuss this in greater detail in the next section, but do leave the reader with the understanding of the intervention you chose.

You will also turn in your completed Synthesis Table(s) that will become part of your Appendix in your final paper.

As part of your Dropbox assignment, include your completed Synthesis Table(s). 

Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Scholarly narrative descriptions of studies forming the body of evidence that included all the important elements: authors’ names, date of publication, and quality and level of evidence.15
Significance of study or influence of clinical expertise10
Brief description of the intervention chosen5
Synthesis Table15
Used current APA style for references and title page.5
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