ENV315 Unit 6 POST Airborne Contaminants & The Human Dimension

This is 2 different discussion questions. For discussion 6.1, my last name begins with B.

Unit 6.1 DB: Airborne Contaminants

Airborne contaminants can be a large problem in the workplace and even at home. In this DB, research a type of indoor airborne contaminant as indicated below and educate your fellow classmates about the hazard and risk they may have. Provide a general overview of the contaminant and then a specific example and source; describe the problems that can result from this exposure. Are certain groups of people more at risk, such as children, pregnant women, or construction workers? End your discussion by telling us whether you knew about these problems beforehand, were you surprised, or any other thoughts you had? Focus on good sources, such as the sites mentioned in the book, OSHA, or EPA, and provide the citation at the end (more than a website, please).

Based on the first letter of your last name, research the type of airborne contaminant (from Figure 16-4 in your textbook) and provide the details as described above.

Letters A to C Dust

Letters D to F Fumes

Letters G to L Smoke

Letter M Aerosols

Letter N Mists

Letters O to Q Gases

Letters S to Z Vapors

Unit 6.2 DB: The Human Dimension

The human dimension is very important in maintaining a safe workplace and relates to the motivation and ability of employees to participate in the process rather than being lectured to or having regulations decreed by ‘the boss’. Sometimes orders must be given, but feeling like you have a say in your workplace culture and are being heard encourages employees to work toward a safe environment rather than management requiring that certain rules be followed without any say.

Explore the idea of the human dimension around workplace issues and training. Your search words could include ‘human counseling workplace training’, ‘human dimension safety work’, ‘human factors workplace safety’ or any combination. Find two good sources (governmental or scholarly sources) on an aspect that interests you and educate your classmates on how employee discussions or interventions can create a safer and healthier workplace. Were you aware of this aspect regarding workplace safety and do you think this is an important aspect to include? Provide your sources, more than a website, please.

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