English writing

Discuss Cuvier’s theory of extinction as described in chapter 2 of Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction–its significance and the implications that it has for Kolbert’s approach as you understand it so far. To what extent do you think that extinction–a concept acknowledged only in the late 19th century–is present in our understanding and views of our present environment? To what extent do you think that we have an active role in the process of extinction? In other words, are we causing extinction to happen? Post should be around 300 words but not more than 500 words.

To post, reply to this topic. Post by 11:30pm Saturday 5/26.

Reply to someone’s post by 11:30pm Sunday 5/27. You can concur with your peer’s observations and add your own perspective and/or you can respectfully disagree and explain why.

Note that you will not be able to see anyone’s post until you post your observation first. Both post and response with be graded on a scale of 50, with the total for the assignment of 100 points.

Please do not upload files/attachments for your post and response to post.

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