emr project

Order description: EMR Project
You have been tasked to convert a paper form into an electronic document. Choose a form from your facility, and describe the changes necessary to convert it to an electronic document. Answer the following questions for your project:
1.How long to you estimate it will take for the �builder� to create the form in an electronic format? What are you basing your estimate on?
2.What are the challenges in converting the form to an electronic format and why?
3.Are there any components of the form that you would make �mandatory� for the end user to complete? If so, why and how would you go about this?
4.Will the new electronic form be more simple or more labor intensive than its paper counterpart? Why?

The paper should be 3-5 pages in length (excluding the title and reference page), APA formatted, and the form you have chosen should be attached as an addendum. Please remove the facility logo from the form prior to submission.

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