Doing an speaking and formal outlines

In the persuasive presentation, the student uses persuasive skills to convince the audience to change a behavior or belief. The topic of your speech can be anything at all. The only goal that you have to achieve is to convince your audience that there is some reason that the topic is interesting, entertaining, or important. The goal is to convince (logic/reason) or to persuade (ethos/pathos) your audience of something. Maybe you think a particular cat video is funniest video ever produced-prove it-make a speech to convince/persuade us! Maybe you think that the problem with America is that there aren’t enough guns yet to curb random violence! Prove it! Make us believe!

So the field is wide open…what ever you feel passionately or think is significant to your audience-bring us a short speech-less than five minutes-more than three if possible. You don’t need media unless you do. You do need to fill out a formal outline and a speaking outline and submit to satisfy the assignment. Students submit the formal outline and presentation slides (if applicable) to Canvas for grading and university assessment with the DOL Oral Communication Grading Rubric.

the topic is convincing the audience that why marijuana should stell be not legal

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