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Personal Class Design Project – Part 1

Complete this assignment according to the following:

1  Design a class that you would like to teach someday. The class must be at least 4 hours in length and must be multiple sessions. It can be four sessions of 1 hour each, or two sessions of 2 hours each, depending on your topic and target audience.

2  Begin by describing the institution that is sponsoring the class (e.g., academic, hospital, or community agency). Include the philosophy of the sponsoring organization and how that will affect the course you are developing.

3  Explain how you determined a need for this class (needs assessment).

4  Write a one-paragraph description of the class.

5  Identify the target audience.

6  Identify the learning resources you will use for the class (textbooks or other resources).

7  Write the program outcomes for the course and the learner objectives for each class session. Indicate which domains of learning are represented by each learner objective.

There is no predetermined length criterion for this assignment. It is intended that each student will develop a class that they can use in their selected area of education.

Personal Class Design Project: Part 2

Using the “Personal Class Design Project – Part 1” assignment you will complete the course design to include learner objectives, outline, teaching strategies, and associated evaluation, and method.

Using Part I, write and revise the original learner objectives submitted.

Use the A-B-C-D method of writing objectives. The objectives should incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy, be written at the appropriate level for the audience, and include at least two learning domains (cognitive, psychomotor, and affective). Refer to– Nursing Education Seminar II: A-B-C-D Approach to Objective Writing” and “– Nursing Education Seminar II: Learning Domains.”

Map out a class time frame, outlining when to cover each of the content areas. Refer to “– Nursing Education Seminar II: Lesson Plan Template.”

In addition to the content area, include the class time frame:

8  Time frame for covering each topic area

9  Teaching strategy for each objective

10  How the learning will be evaluated

Include rationale for each selected instruction and the evaluation method used.

Support your rationale by citing at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (less than 5 years old) in addition to the course materials.

There is no predetermined length for this assignment. It is intended that each student will develop a class that can be utilized in the student’s selected area of education.

A-B-C-D Approach to Objective Writing

Writing objectives is much like writing outcomes in the nursing process. Objectives must be measurable, contain action verbs, be specific, include timelines, and indicate the degree to which you expect the leaner to achieve.

A helpful formula to write objectives is the A-B-C-D approach:

·  Audience: Who is the audience for the class? Is it a student nurse? A staff nurse? A participant in a class?

·  Behavior: What do I want the audience to accomplish by the end of the class? An example of a behavior is being able to identify the signs and symptoms of infection.

·  Condition: How will students demonstrate mastery and be assessed in their learning? An example could be that students will demonstrate their knowledge of a lab or clinical area by taking a written test.

·  Degree: How well will students perform their new knowledge? Should students be able to identify all signs and symptoms of infection, or would it be satisfactory if they identified only two symptoms?

A sample objective that illustrates these points is: “After reading this lecture (condition), the graduate student in the nurse educator track (audience) will be able to write an objective (behavior) using the A-B-C-D approach (degree).”

The above objective dictates that the student will be able to write an objective, as opposed to discussing or identifying it. Since the objective says “write,” the student must write an objective to meet this objective. If the objective instead said: “List the components of a complete learner objective,” the appropriate evaluation would require that the student list the A-B-C-D; whereas the objective “describe the components” would have students describe the meaning of each A-B-C-D step. Well-written objectives will dictate the evaluation process.

Nursing Education Seminar II: Learning Domains

While objectives level the information to be learned, domains of learning represent the areas in which one learns. The three learning domains are cognitive, which represents intellectual knowledge; psychomotor, which represents knowledge that requires kinesthetic or hands-on application; and affective, which represents knowledge that is assimilated through a change in attitude.

When a student learns the physiology of the infectious process, it is cognitive knowledge. Psychomotor learning is exemplified when a student learns to change a dressing over an infected wound. Affective learning is demonstrated by a student who changes lifestyle habits to decrease the transmission of infection or a student who learns to be nonjudgmental toward patients with specific infections.

Since objectives must be measurable, words like know and understand are not suitable objective verbs. Requiring a student to describe the pathophysiologic process and list the signs and symptoms of an infection are examples of measurable objectives. Clear and well-written objectives best communicate the educational focus and intent of the instruction and inform both student and instructor as to how knowledge will be evaluated.

Nursing Education Seminar II: Lesson Plan Template

Use this template to map out your class time frame. Each topic should have its own template.  You can duplicate and use as many pages as you need to outline your class content.


Learner ObjectiveTimeframeTeaching StrategyEvaluation Method
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