Pick one of these Flawed ARGUMENT and do the following. Each of these arguments is unconvincing, but the solution to each will be different. Examine each of them in light of what you have learned about creating logical arguments.

Ask yourself:

1). Are both the claim and evidence explicit (specific, concrete);

2). Is there a bridge and what should it say;

3). Is there a foundation and what should it say;

4). Is there a counterclaim and if so, is it adequately refuted(rebutted); and

5). is the claim limited enough that I have the evidence to support it?

A. You are to Identify the problem in one of the arguments

B. Revise the argument to make the logic clear and complete

C. Be sure you offer appropriate evidence, bridges, foundations, and if needed counterclaims and rebuttals

Argument 1

By using XTROCUT tubing, you can cut production time and reduce scrap loss.

Problem with argument:

Revised argument:

Argument 2

The workers I talked to were split 50/50. The workers at our plant don’t agree whether the benefits package is adequate.

Problem with argument:

Revised argument:

Argument 3

Our national advertising campaign will run during the most popular TV shows this month. This ad campaign will increase our sales dramatically.

Problem with argument:

Revised argument:

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