1.The process that I choose to evaluate is on how to get a driver’s license in Texas. Also, the instructions clear that the author provide is easy to follow. And a provides a specific Instruction on how to get your driver’s license in an easy way. It also answers the three W (what, where, and when) and one H (how). It also targets the audience, such as underage, or first timer. The author also mentions steps with specific tips on you will perform and reminders for the required documents that you will be needing. This writing process does not need a revision because the author stated all the instructions on how to get a driver’s license briefly and clearly. The author also mentioned the step-by-steps of how the procedure of taking a driver’s license if you are underage. It also provides some other related links that is useful for applicants


Larsen, K. (2013). The top 5 steps to getting your license. TEENDRIVING.COM. Retrived from http://teendriving.com/2013/08/07/the-top-5-steps-…

2. For this assignment, I chose to evaluate the how-to article “2006-2011 Honda Civic Oil Change (1.8L)” by David Hodson. As someone who learned to change a car’s oil early on in life, I am pretty particular when it comes to the steps I take when changing my oil. Therefore, I felt this would be a good article to evaluate as this is a task I have completed numerous times throughout my life. This how-to article began by giving a short introduction of the importance of regular oil changes to ensure the longevity of a car’s engine. It also pointed out the estimated time required to complete the task, the difficulty, and the expected interval in which the oil change should be completed. Included in this introduction, was a very complete list of the required tools and parts to successfully complete this job.

This article began its first of sixteen steps, with safety in mind. The author ensured safety was a top priority throughout the article. This is an excellent point to make, especially when the target audience is a beginner. As the steps were described, the author made sure to add notes to each step that pointed out possible mistakes that could take place. This really helps ensure this job is completed correctly, as there are plenty of steps that could go wrong. Throughout the article, each step was thoroughly explained to the point where there was no room for doubt, as the added tips and notes covered almost all of the common questions that may arise. Once the oil changing steps were complete, the article then described how to reset the oil light on the dash of the car. Though this may not seem like a major step, it is very important as the onboard computers in newer cars rely on up-to-date information to properly run. This step is commonly left out of many how-to articles, which leaves the reader searching for more information. Luckily, this article was very informative and included this simple step.

This article was very effective in teaching beginners to change the oil of their car. The target audience would benefit tremendously by reading this article, as it is was written for beginners and walks them through each and every step. I specifically remember the first time I changed the oil in my car and the questions I had during the event. This article answered those questions and would have helped me tremendously if it was available to me at the time. Over the years, I have learned many little tricks that have helped me with the process. Most of them were covered in the article, except for a select few. I would have added a step that pours the old oil back into the empty oil containers. I do this, especially on older vehicles, to ensure the engine is not losing oil between oil changes. This is a very important diagnostic test that just adds one simple step at the end of the oil change. Another step I would have added is telling the reader to ensure the vehicle is on a level surface when checking the final oil level. Depending on the angle of the car, the oil level may appear to be too high or too low. This can simply be caused by a slanted driveway and lead the reader to add or remove oil when it is not warranted. Overall, this was an excellent article that outlined the process to help anyone change the oil in their car.

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