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Risk: Computer viruses have been in the news lately for the devastating network security risks .Those are instances of virus attacks on a global scale, but viruses can pose just a big of a threat to smaller companies. Viruses can corrupt your files and delete valuable data, negatively impacting your daily operations. At their worst, viruses have the potential to wipe clean your entire hard drive

Protect: Using both a firewall and an Antivirus software can prevent from Virus.


Risk: Unused Services and Open Ports

Most operating systems install several pieces of commonly used software. While most server administrators will not opt to install every single package in the distribution, they will install a base installation of packages, including several server applications. A common occurrence among system administrators is to install an operating system without knowing what is being installed. This can be troublesome, as most operating systems will not only install the applications, but also setup a base configuration and turn services on. This can cause unwanted services, such as telnet to be running on a server or workstation without the administrator realizing it, leading to unwanted traffic to the server or even a path into the system for crackers.

Protect: Closing the open ports and disabling the unnecessary services can protect from unwanted traffic.


Risk: Companies increasingly store sensitive data in the cloud. Files uploaded to cloud-based file sharing services contain sensitive data including intellectual property. When a cloud service is breached, cyber criminals can gain access to this sensitive data. Absent a breach, certain services can even pose a risk if their terms and conditions claim ownership of the data uploaded to them

Protect: Cloud storage provides a range of industry-compliant secure storage solutions that allow for the use of credentials to access sensitive data. Client portals may be implemented as well, supporting improved operational efficiency while ensuring client data is secure. Multi-factor authentication can also be implemented, giving clients peace of mind and providing greater in-house security.

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Risk: Open concept office improves communication and collaboration, it also increases the threat of visual hacking and device and document theft.

Protect: Don’t leave work unattended. Power down or lock away equipment and confidential documents when away from your desk.


Risk: While smart phones and other devices allow employees to work anywhere, there’s also an increased risk of theft and hacking.

Protect: Never leave devices unattended. Password-protect devices and encrypt sensitive files.

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