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Organization: Ryanair

Explanation of what I want to do based on my overall Capstone Project.

Going through Master of Science in Leadership got me deeply thinking about the importance of leadership in organizations. The initial idea for this project was born out of the need to first ensure good leadership foundations are installed before coming up with advanced leadership programs. Apparently, there are many organizations in which leadership is inexistent at worse and aggressive at best. In my opinion, however, having an aggressive leadership style is having no leadership at all. Ryanair is a perfect example. Having made headlines over the recent years for all bad reasons, the airline has held the world’s record for the second worst brand for some time now. Its leadership or lack of it not only manifest in poor management of staff but extends to poor customer service. Even though the airline has had success in turning earnings for the better, it still lacks a positive approach to engaging staff in making decisions that affect them (Nwagbara, 2011).

The kind of project I am interested in conducting at Ryanair is one which will lead to setting up appropriate foundations that will enable the implementation of professional development and mentorship programs. I feel that this project will be useful to the airline in terms of changing the leadership styles from an aggressive one to a more participatory one where employees feel part of the solution. This will improve employee commitment, morale and hence productivity. It will enhance collaboration rather than promote competition among employees when tackling similar objectives for similar ends. Essentially, when people make decisions jointly there is a great commitment to one another and to the cause as well as positive reaction to the decision itself.


Nwagbara, U. (2011). Homing in on paradigm shift: Ryanair leadership in the age of expensive air travel. Leadership Review11, 204-214.

Below are two discussion posts that needs to be 250 words or more with at least one reference each.

1. At the end of this topic, you will submit a needs analysis for your capstone project. After reviewing the Capstone Project Needs Analysis assignment parameters, describe the primary goal(s) of your capstone project in one or two sentences.

2. Based on the planned scope of your capstone project, what type of needs analysis tool (e.g., coaching, training) would you need to select? Provide a brief rationale.


Capstone Project Needs Analysis

Before finalizing your capstone project, it is important to make sure that your vision and goals align with current needs of the organization. Research needs analysis tools and templates and select the most appropriate one based on the goal of your capstone. Conduct the needs analysis and write a 500-750-word paper that includes the following:

  1. The intended scope and purpose of your capstone project.
  2. A description of the needs analysis tool/template you chose, and a brief rationale for why it is the most appropriate.
  3. A summary of your findings from the needs analysis.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

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