Discussion 7

Question 1. Interpersonal psychotherapy is a three-phase process. Read the case study found in your text. Explain how the therapist met the goals of the Initial Phase of therapy when working with Paul. Next, examine and summarize the therapist’s role in the Middle Phase of therapy and whether the therapist was or was not successful. Finally, talk about what needs to occur during the Termination Phase of therapy and if those elements were successfully addressed. Provide scholarly support for your argument.

Question 2. After reading the case example of Michelle and Frank found in your text and the section that discusses the mechanisms of psychotherapy in family therapy, identify and explain which of the four changes were made by Frank and Michelle’s family.

Next, identify the therapeutic techniques that are used by the therapist in the “Adolescent Family Therapy” video of a family session with a mother and her two young adolescent children. Which approach to family therapy do you believe this therapist takes with the family? Support your answer with examples from the video that pointed you to your choice, and cite at least one scholarly source from your reading and viewing materials this week.

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