Discusion – Reflection on Core Conditions of the Therapeutic Relationship

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Discussion: Reflection on Core Conditions of the Therapeutic Relationship

The therapeutic alliance is the relationship developed between a counselor and a client with the goal of creating positive change in a client’s life. For many clients, the therapeutic alliance will be the first time they have experienced a truly genuine, nonjudgmental relationship that allows for self-exploration. As clients take this experience with them outside of the counseling session, how might they affect other people in their lives? How might their own ability to be genuine and nonjudgmental provide a model to others, thus beginning the process of social change?

For this Discussion, you will analyze your personal strengths and challenges for developing strong therapeutic relationships with your future clients. In your readings, what did you identify as the most important elements of establishing the helping relationship? What are the stages of the relationship, and which phases may be the most challenging for you?

To Prepare

Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider your personal strengths that will help you build strong therapeutic relationships. Then, think about which characteristics mentioned in the videos and your textbook might be a challenge for you.

By Day 3

Post your explanations to the following:

What strengths do you possess that will help you build a strong therapeutic alliance with clients/students?

What might you struggle with in building a relationship? How will those skills and counseling characteristics help you be a better counselor and social change agent with multicultural clients in diverse clinical presentations and settings (e.g., schools, agencies, private practice, and communities)?

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