Define the term Digital Divide and explain in your own words what do you understand by this term

Question Description

From the listing of questions below please choose Five questionsto answer using 250 words for each answer. Please no plagiarism and no spilling mistakes.

1. Define the term Digital Divide and explain in your own words what do you understand by this term. Discuss three ways in which we can bridge digital divide.

2. Describe how your personal ethics was developed. We know that family, culture, religion, and life experiences play a role in developing your moral rules or values. Describe how these all four play a role in developing your personal ethics or ethical behavior.

3. Explain the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web. Include how the Internet was developed and who did it. Explain how the world wide web works and who developed it.

4. Discuss the difference between using a Wiki, Blog,and Podcast. What are their uses and how do they influence the way we work and communicate today.

5. How is application software different from system software? Define each type and give examples and names of software you use daily/weekly or monthly.

6. How is Bluetooth technology different from Wi-Fi?Explain both technology including how it works. Give examples of how you use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology daily/weekly or monthly.

7. Explain the three major components of the technology used by Google and other search engines that allow us to search the Web effectively. Explain or discuss how each component work to improve searches.

8. What is the use of an analog to digital converter and a digital to analog converter. What products are they used in and give examples of how you digitize the world in your daily life.

9. There are different types of hackers. Define each type and explain how they work. Do they make our information systems and personal data safer?Please discuss.

10. Describe the four components used to identify people. Do you use any of these components for your school or work lives? Give examples.

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