Course Project Software Evaluation Overview

Course Project Software Evaluation Overview

There  are literally hundreds of different types of medical office management  software products on the market for medical practices and other health  care organizations. Throughout your career, you will be exposed to many  different software systems depending on where you work.

Your  Course Project will afford you an opportunity to experience other  medical software other than the MedTrak system you are learning to use  in this course. Gaining some knowledge about a wide array of options  used in the medical industry will help you to be more comfortable as you  encounter new systems no matter where you are employed in the future.  Staying current with technology will make you a more confident medical  employee, no matter what your area of interest.

The  two links below contain hundreds of medical software options available.  Many of them include a free demo that you can watch to get a sense of  the system’s look and feel. The down side of the free demos is that many  of the demo buttons provided will ask you to give some personal  information (name, work location, phone number, etc.) to view the demos.  After all, they want to sell these products.

But, if you prefer not to give out personal information, please just visit the actual home page of two of the companies listed. For example, if you what to check out MediTouch, go to their actual website:  (which would show up if you typed “MediTouch” into Google search  engine. There is a ton of information about the software under each tab  on their home page, even without seeing a demo.

In either case, your Course Project will ask you to select two software alternatives, from the lists provided at either of these two web links and review them:

For Lesson 1:

Take  some quality time to learn what you can about the software options for  as many of the systems listed at the two sites above, based upon the  short descriptions, to give you an idea of the two you want to select  and write-up for your short evaluations.

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