Contextual Analysis Final draft revise

Please help me to revise my essay by following the instructor’s instruction. This will be the final version of this contextual analysis essay. There should be at least 1250 words count. A is required for this paper.

here are the instructions for revising: This is a good start to your paper, although I think you give a little too much summary of the movie at the beginning. I would just give a brief overview of what the movie is about and then discuss the details in the paper. I have two suggestions that will make your paper stronger: *I suggest organizing your discussion about society’s expectations for women into two separate parts — 1) education and 2) virginity/ marriage. In each section, you can talk about the relevant part from the movie and then connect it to the social context. So, in the education section, you can talk about how the grandmother keeps the girls at home, and then you can link it to female education (look at the Wikipedia’s entry for “Female education”). Your discussion about sexuality and marriage is already very good. You can talk about the arranged marriage in the film and also the virgin test that the grandmother has the girls take. *Please provide citations about where you get information about social traditions. It will make you look a lot more credible as a writer! This is the information about the film mustang.

Please write an reflection describing the changes that you made to your paper between your first draft, revised draft, and your final draft.

please contact me for any information.

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