Comparison between Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest and Lady Catherine from Pride and Prejudice

Compare the arrival of Lady Bracknell, who has been “apprised… of [Gwendolen’s] sudden flight by her trusty maid” (48) with the arrival of Lady Catherine de Bourgh at Longbourn in Pride and Prejudice (chapter 56). How are Lady Bracknell and Lady Catherine similar in function and characterization in these scenes? How are they different? What is the reader/audience supposed to feel about these characters?

This essay must include a strong thesis and incorporate lots of quoted evidence from the text. For the last question, you may go outside the specified scenes in your analysis, but the focus and majority of your analysis must be on the specified scenes.

Please write a brief outline about this topic

– Should include a thesis and three main ideas(comparison points)

– Should include at least 6 total quotes(preferably three from each book)

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