Class influence on addiction definition

Assignment 4: Point Value 30

For this assignment, please revisit your response to the following item in Assignment 2, “What do drug abuse and/or addiction mean to you and how would you define them?”.

  1. How has this class strengthened/weakened/left unchanged what drug use/addiction means to you? Please discuss, providing at least one thing you learned this semester that impacted your previously held opinions.
  2. Identitfy one strength and one weakness of your first definition of addiction (if your first submission lacked notable strengths, list two weaknesses). Explain why you feel these were accurate or inaccurate to use in defining addiction.
  3. Refine your definition of addcition to include material we have covered in class, citing at least two principles from the textbook (APA style).


  • Length: at least 1pg, no more than 2 pgs (not including references page)
  • Font: Times New Roman 12pt
  • Margins: 1” all around
  • Spacing: Single Spaced
  • References: APA style
  • NOTE: the paper is not to be completed in APA style, rather your in-paper references and works cited page are to follow APA guidelines. This means there should be NO: header, page number, cover page, tite, abstract, etc.

( I attched my frined work for this assigmnet it might give you some idea )

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