Child Psy


How might day care impact a child’s cognitive, verbal, and social skills? Address the types of daycare and the impact of poor quality versus high quality day care. What changes would you expect with a young child going to day care compared with a child who does not attend daycare?

. You want to have the smartest and best baby possible. Discuss some of the things you would do during infancy to build cognitive and social development? What part is due to nature and what part would be due to nurture?

Your friend has been drinking and using drugs during her pregnancy and asks you to tell her the risks for having a child with disabilties? Discuss the dose, the genes, the cumulative effect and the timing of her drug and alcohol use and how it could impact the development. What would be the risks of the child having problems as a result of the drug use?

Your friend asks you about what the chances are that her child (son or daughter) would be color blind like her husband happens to be. She does not know if she carries a color blind gene. What type of genetic inheritance is color blindness? What is the possibility of the son or daughter having the disorder if she carries the gene as well as her husband? Which child (son or daughter) is most likely to be color blind?

You want to study the impact of removing a child from the parents and having the child raised by foster parents for the first year of life. How do you research this topic? Set up a research design using one of the different research methods in Chapter 1. What are the ethical issues? What are you measuring and how will you measure it?

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