Challenges and innovation of corporate entrepreneurship

For your individual paper in which you will focus on a specific challenge in Corporate Entrepreneurship, two articles that we have discussed in class so far will have to be used in your paper. We discussed the challenges of corporate entrepreneurship HBR article in class and I provided the summary of the important points in the article and posted it on Blackboard. We also went through the D’Aveni article in class last week. Remember that you have to use at least one business article (HBR, WSJ) and one research article. You can use your own sources, but the articles that we have discussed in class are enough for your individual assignment paper. Also note, that you can use more sources if you wish to do so.

This is also a reminder of the structure of your individual paper:

In your individual assignment: the structure will be as such: (1) the introduction: where you introduce the specific problem/challenge of corporate entrepreneurship (you can refer to the HBR article), (2) the body of your paper: where you discuss that problem specifically from the standpoint of the research (D’Aveni et al. 2010 paper) as well as in practice and provide an example of how it applies to an organization (you can use an example from the HBR article or provide your own example). (3) Then you will discuss the recommendations for that specific problem and support your arguments with sources (HBR and D’Aveni et al. 2010 papers). (4) Finally you will have a conclusion section: where you reflect on the assignment and what you have learned from exploring this specific challenge related to corporate entrepreneurship (reflection section).

References and in-text citations of references should follow the APA style.

The individual assignment length is 3-5 pages long; excluding title and reference pages (double spaced pages of text of font size that is not larger than 12)

Please note that as stated in the Syllabus, only in exceptional cases late submissions might be accepted; however major points will be deducted.

As stated in the Syllabus, any students who plagiarizes in their assignments above 40 % will receive an F. Please ensure that you always paraphrase.

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