Cause and Effect of Climate Change essay


Use cause and effect in writing based on purpose and intended audience

Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you explore the process of cause and effect.


A two-page (500-word) paper

Step 1 Write a paper.

In a two-page (500-word) paper, construct a cause and effect essay that follows these guidelines:

  • An introduction with a clear sense of thesis.
  • A body with several logically organized indented paragraphs.
  • A conclusion that effectively ends the essay.
  • Grammatical language that follows conventional practices of mecahnics and punctuation.
  • An APA References list for at least two sources used in the paper.

Consider the following topics, which you may use. You are free to choose a topic of your own.

  • Disease (diabetes, HIV, cancer)
  • Poverty
  • Employment/Unemployment
  • Climate Change
  • Health
  • Addiction
  • Wealth

Consider what your topic has to offer your reader. Why should this topic be interesting to your audience?

Step 2 Make sure you have an APA heading, at least 2 parenthetically cited sources in the paper, and a Reference page

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