Case Study/Oral Power Point Presentation.

Please follow all instructions very, very carefully. Points are easily deducted.

This power point presentation should not be more than 30mins length. 

This scholarly Oral presentation should include the following. 

 – Abstract of the  presentation (150 words maximum).

 – In depth preview of the topic. 

 – An exemplar/case study and discussion of a relevant research study using the method (The cardiovascular and lymphatic system. This should also be the topic of this research and also the case study.)

 – Pathophysiology of the system. 

 – Clinical Manifestation. 

 – Diagnostic study/Laboratories. 

 – Clinical management/Treatment options. 

 – Evaluation of treatment. 

 – Patient education and safety. 

 – A facilitated class discussion. 

1. This research must include at least 5 peer-review references, including McCance, K.L.; & Huether, S,E. (2015). 7th edition and publication manual American Psychological Association. 

2. Times New Roman (12) point font – double spaced. 

3. Use a cover page following APA guidelines. 

4.APA  format according to Publication Manual American Psychological Association 6th edition. 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5. Please use precise APA format that include correct punctuation. spelling, sentences structures, and references. 

Please pay close attention to the topic and stay in topic for the presentation. 

(The Cardiovascular and lymphatic system). 

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

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