Case Study Computerized Health Information

Question Description

Certain members of the C Suite in ABC Hospital are interested in adding voice recognition (VR) software to their current EHR. As Director of HIM, Cynthia Reedy is preparing an extensive report on the impact this would have on the department. S he is proposing a feasibility study and subsequent RFP be completed. The initial aspect of the report includes information on voice recognition including the projected workload of VR software and how it would be implemented in the daily EHR operations. This includes its usage for the standard transcribed reports (discharge summaries, histories/physicals, operative, autopsy, and consultation reports etc.), as well as physician progress notes, nursing care documentation, and other therapy documentation. Are view of historic and current transcription workload, number of staff with respective salary and benefits, supplies, and equipment is completed. Obviously, costs are a major issue. The cost of the software including maintenance and upgrades, as well as hard ware such as additional microphones, monitors, etc. are identified. Training costs for users and quality evaluators are determined. Staffing (current staff whose position(s) will be upgraded) for documentation quality and validation plus technical support

were also identified. Workload estimates for quality checks were figured into VR projected costs. The Human Resources Department was

consulted regarding the process of lay-offs for some of the staff whose positions are not upgraded. Project management cost s, including site visits, will be added to the proposal.

Question 1:

What changes would be made to the job description of a transcriptionist to transition to an editor for transcribed reports?

Question 2:

What type of job re- training can be offered to transcriptionists whose positions are eliminated due to the implementation of voice recognition software?

Question 3

Develop a list of questions to be addressed at site visits to evaluate different voice recognition systems at various healthcare facilities.

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