Capstone Project: The Story of Worship research paper

You will write a 20-30 page research paper with the referenced provided in current Turabian format, tracing God’s plan for worship: from Genesis through Revelation. Use course notes, materials suggested for reading or recommended in the course, recordings, DVDs, or any other materials on websites and in church or denominational publications as resource materials. Do not seek help from any other student.

The focus must be on the broad story of worship by dividing the paper into these 8 areas:

  • Worship in the Pentateuch
  • Worship in the Kingdom Books
  • Worship in the Books of Poetry
  • Worship of the Prophets
  • Worship in the Gospels
  • Worship of Jesus
  • Worship in the Epistles
  • Worship in the End Times

Include an opening introduction and a closing summary. The paper must include at least 1 reference citation per page, including course textbooks and the Bible.

Thoroughly document the use of any materials that are not original to you and include footnotes and your bibliography in current Turabian format.

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