Capstone Practicum Assignment: Phase 6: Dissemination Plan

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In this module, you will combine all of the previous assignments together and add a new component called the Dissemination Plan.

Dissemination Plan

My Project(There have been a rise in patient falls.Sitting clinical staff around the clock with high-risk fall patients will prevent falls in the hospitals.When a patient is admitted to the hospital, the nurse will assess the patient for risk of falls.If it is determined that the patient is a high-risk for fall, a roster will be made for Registered Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants to take turns hourly to sit with the patient until discharge.The time spent with the patient can be used to catch up on charting.Utilizing clinical staff to sit will save some money and also prevent falls)

Prepare a 1- to 2-page paper for the dissemination portion of your final practicum assignment paper where you will communicate the findings of your research. The dissemination process involves developing a final presentation and presenting those findings to the target audience. Presenting and publishing findings helps to advance the knowledge of a discipline. If a researcher fails to disseminate findings, the time, data, knowledge, and funding spent on the research are wasted. Ultimately, failure to disseminate findings does not allow for the advancement of the nursing profession.

Dissemination: Design an action plan for communicating the proposal to your health care organization.

Components of a Dissemination Plan: Developing a dissemination plan will facilitate the translation of your research into practice. 

Your dissemination plan will include six major elements:

  • Research findings and products—What is going to be disseminated?
  • End users—Who will apply it in practice?
  • Dissemination work plan—Where will you start?
  • Dissemination partners—With whom (individuals, organizations, or networks) will you partner to reach end users?
  • Communication—How will you convey the research outcomes?
  • Evaluation—How will you determine if your dissemination plan worked?

Reflect on your selected issue and identify areas where you might need additional professional development to better your understanding of the selected area.

Using evidence from the literature, explain where and how you can increase your knowledge and skills in that area.

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