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When new procedures are implemented at hospitals, a process for determining whether said procedure is included within the nursing scope of practice is contemplated.  State boards have regulatory and adjudicatory power over the profession developing rules and regulations to abide by, and overseeing issues which involve violations of these rules and regulations (Cresaia & Friberg, 2015).  In addition to this, nurse level of education, credentials held, level of experience, and workplace policy and procedure are all to be thought of in the process of implementing new hospital procedures.  Specific framework designed to guide nurses in determining practice domain, direct nursing judgment towards new procedures.  The Model of Professional Nursing Practice Regulation is a framework outlining safe, quality, evidence-based nursing practice in which a top to bottom approach can be used.  According to the American Nurses Association,

The nurse can seek guidance and clarification from the institutional policies and procedures. If the answer still proved elusive, the next step could involve examination of the applicable nurse practice act and regulatory language.  This level of inquiry may involve formal consultation with the state board of nursing. Finally, review of the language embedded in the recognized professional scope and standards of practice and code of ethics may inform the decision about safe, quality, and evidence-based practice (2008).

Once it has been determined that the new procedure falls within the nursing scope of practice, competencies should be given to ensure that the nurse comprehends what the new procedure entails, and how to accomplish it.  By learning the new procedure, practicing it, and teaching other nurses the procedure process, the nurse is showing that she is competent to perform the task efficiently and that she knows what to expect. 

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