Breaking a Social Norm: Mini Project

Think about the norms that you follow on a daily basis related to your gender and/or sex. Chose five most-commonly practiced norms and describe the anticipated consequences of breaking these norms in your response. One of the five you choose should be the norm you actually violate. Try to limit your list mostly to things you DO (If you identify as a female or are a women, you sit with your legs closed or you wear blouses or skirts, etc.) Pick a social norm to break from your list. Break the norm in a social setting, around people that you don’t know or encounter on a daily basis (e.g. at a mall, swap meet, on school campus, etc.). Make sure to document your violation on your cell phone or video camera (you upload your video to the assignment link on Blackboard; video should be at least 1 minutes long). In your paper, describe the social norm you violated and how you went about doing so. Clearly identify where you broke the norm and how you came to choose that social setting.

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