BlacKkKlansman film analysis

As a bonus activity you will be describing a film you have recently viewed and how this relates to course material.

1. Select a film (movie or documentary). List the title.

2. Provide a short summary of the film in your own words. (Do not cut and past from IMDB or other websites). This should be a couple sentences or less than 150 words, i.e. not the majority of your paper.

3. This is the most important step: In about 350-500 words discuss how this film relates to American culture and any concepts discussed in this class. For example, it can be race/ethnicity, sex/gender, concepts of American ideals etc. Please use at least 2 key terms mentioned in lecture, text or links and bold these terms (e.g. institutionalized racism, gender roles, kinship). Be sure to define what the terms are and how the film incorporates these terms.

Put your word count in bold at the end of your submission. You will receive 10 bonus points to be added to your participation score

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